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Winter boots is not always meaning “Cumbersome” or “Ugly”.

Winter boots is not always meaning “Cumbersome” or “Ugly”.

Sheepskin Boots can be also Fasion & Warm; Handiness & Comfortable.
Protect your feet

Protect your feet

Cold winter, rest assured to take every step

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Yirui United’s history and expertise is told in every stitch of every shoe we”ve ever made. Since 1998, the company has designed, manufactured, and distributed a wide variety of SHEEPSKIN SHOES, everything from Sheepskin Boots to Sheepskin Slippers to Sheepskin Moccasins to Sheepskin Footwear. Indeed, Yirui United boasts over 22 years of superior craftsmanship, mastering every step of the shoemaking art. Across cultural shifts and changes in fashion, each generation has explored new materials and manufacturing techniques to design beautiful footwear that is attuned to the times and customer needs.

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